Web controls to input data via vba




Does anyone know if hubspot allows us to use web controls to input data into the system?

I am looking for a way to enter data into the forms that popup.
I have most of the code written, but i am trying to figure out how to select the “add a contact” form when it pops up from the code i run below.

Here is my vba for reference:

Sub HubspotADDcontact()
Dim IE As Object
Set IE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)
IE.Navigate "https://app.hubspot.com/sales/XXXXXXX/contacts/list/view/all/?"
IE.Visible = True
While IE.Busy


IE.Visible = True

'this waits several seconds before hitting the send keys.
Application.Wait (Now + #12:00:04 AM#)
SendKeys ("{tab}")
SendKeys ("{tab}")
SendKeys ("{tab}")
SendKeys ("{enter}")

End Sub

please bear in mind that i am not a very skilled programmer by any means.


anyone?? i could really use some help with hubspot.