Webhook Api Concurrent Timeout Error



Recently I have created a webhook subscription with Webhooks API to my web service.
After one night of deleting contacts from the hubspot portal I have received multiple failed requests at this.
I would like to ask, what is the timeout for the:
Concurrent wait timed out

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Hi @H3xas,

Web hook notifications may time out if there are too many notifications being sent to your API such that the concurrency limit is saturated for more than a second.


Hi @Derek_Gervais!

Thanks for the response. Having this information I would like to ask which approach should be recommended:
a) We can get rid of this error increasing the number of concurrent threads that are hitting the application
b) Try to optimise the time our server sends response to the HubSpot webhook?

Also additional question. In the documentation is says, that the requests, should be bulked, althrough I have seen
and each of them is going one by one (objects are not grouped in pairs like 5, 10).


Hi @H3xas,

Bumping up the number of concurrent threads is an easy and effective way to reduce the timeouts you’re seeing, but responding more quickly will also help mitigate the issue. If your server can handle more concurrent requests, I would recommend increasing the number of concurrent threads. Additionally, you should try to optimize for the quickest possible response to HubSpot.

Regarding the batching of notifications: HubSpot only begins batching web hook notifications once they reach a certain number per second. Until that point, the notifications are sent as quickly as possible. e.g. if there are 3 requests in 10 seconds, we do not wait a full 10 seconds to send all 3. We just send each individually as soon as we process it.