Webhook contact.propertyChange on notes_next_activity_date is sending blank values


We are encountering a major issue - we have just noticed that webhook subscription on notes_next_activity_date is passing blank values!

The resulting Webhook request is:
"objectId": 4633001,
"propertyName": "notes_next_activity_date",
"propertyValue": "",
"changeSource": "ENGAGEMENTS",
"eventId": 397578843,
"subscriptionId": 20247,
"portalId": 3776607,
"appId": 53599,
"occurredAt": 1529890199748,
"subscriptionType": "contact.propertyChange",
"attemptNumber": 0

This is causing us MAJOR issues with data synchronization, as we depend on this to fire events in our internal LOB application.



Hi @nick-goloborodko,

This appears to be expected behavior. The 'notes_next_activity_date' field for the contact record in question is blank within the HubSpot app. The webhook subscription is notifying your app that the value changed to a blank value. This likely means that there is no next scheduled activity date. This property is one that gets automatically set when certain in-app actions occur - i.e. a sales rep schedules a meeting with a contact. Once that meeting occurs and there are no future scheduled actions, the property moves back to null - which is the hook you're being notified about here.

Hope that helps.