WebHook created is only working for one user of hubpost


I have created a Webhook to my portal. it is working fine for the user that integrated the app to the portal. the issue is when one user log in the my portal the webhook is not executing. For some reason it works only with the user that integrated the app that has the hook created.
I do not know what step I did wrong. can anyone help me on it please?


Hi @salvador.hernandez,

I'm not familiar with a "login" webhook subscription; nothing like that is outlined in the Webhooks API documentation.

Could you share a link to your app as well as the portal where your app is installed? I'd like to take a look at your settings.


oh sorry I did not mean about it ("login" webhook subscription). I have a hook that executes when changing the deal Owner.
Now it is working fine. sorry about it. I think I did something wrong.

Thanks a lot for you help!