WebHook Failure HTTP 502


I've got a Webhook subscription set up with the following:
Property change: lifecyclestage

When I change a contacts Lifecycle stage I get attempts in my Webhook logging.
But they're all HTTP 502.
I've read the 502/504 timeouts text, but I still get this even though I haven't made any tries for some hours..
Any suggestions?

Finally got some green dots and HTTP 202.. :slight_smile: But I'm a bit confused.
Where in the logs am I able to see the process between my webhook and my external logic apps app?
When the webhook is triggered it sending a HTTP request to my app which then makes a GET call for a contact..


Hi @newbie,

The webhook logging only contains the logs for the actual webhook that's sent to your service. If you're then making requests to pull the contact, you can check the API Call Logging dashboard to see those requests.

Note: Only requests that use OAuth authentication are logged in the API Call Logging dashboard. Requests that use hapikey authentication do not appear in logging.