Webhook for "any field changed"


Hello everyone, and thanks to the hubspot’s dev team for providing us with webhooks!

I’d like to have an event fired when any property of a contact or a company changes.
I created different subscriptions for a property change on updatedAt (and updatedat, and updated_at) but the event never occured.
Is there any way to achieve this?


Hu @fonji

The last updated properties for contacts and companies are lastmodifieddate and hs_lastmodifieddate , respectively. However, we don’t support using those fields (or any other calculated fields) with webhooks.

Can you tell me more about the integration? It is possible to subscribe to multiple properties, but in general you’d only want to subscribe to properties that are directly relevant to the integration.


Hi @dadams, thank you very much for you answer!

For a long list of reasons, we have to make a full replications of the changes made on HS. So all properties are directly relevant.

That means we can either make a listener on each property and update it on the fly, or listen to a lastmodifieddate change and then pull the whole object.
The downside of the second option is that we’d need more calls, the upside is that we don’t have to be careful with the order of changes in batches or the timeliness of retries.


We would also definitely be interested in a webhook subscription for any property changed. Something like ‘*’ in the property name meaning all properties potentially? This being potentially dynamic so that added properties would also match.

Leave it up to my end to decide exactly what actions to perform on the updates, and then I don’t have yet another place to match up a list of properties being replicated into other systems.


Yes, webhooks that point to last modified date is really useful.

Now, in order to detect any change, we must set up over 10 webhooks to look out for each property, doing any integration with this sort of restrictions is not very efficient.