Webhook for contact on form submission or list membership change


Is it possible to set a webhook up on a contact so that it is triggered when they submit a form or when their list membership changes?


@js-envisa You can trigger a webhook in a workflow, and you can use a form submission as the trigger for a workflow.

You can also trigger a workflow based on contacts joining a list.


Can the workflow also tell me when someone is removed from a list? Can it be a trigger when any list is joined? I don’t want to have the need to specify every list individually.

The same with form submissions. I don’t want to have the need to list each form submission out individually. I assume the workflow would need to allow a contact to be entered on it multiple times.


Can you tell me more about your process and what you’re doing with this data? Workflows would not have a way to trigger from a contact leaving a list (although workflows can un-enroll contacts if they leave the list that triggered the workflow), and while it would be possible to have a contact enrolled in a workflow for repeat form submissions, each form would need to be specified separately since there isn’t a way to trigger a workflow on any form submission.

If you’re looking for any updates to any contacts (which includes list membership changes and form submissions), you can periodically poll the endpoint documented here to get the data for any updated or created records: