Webhook for contacts


at least one person has asked this before and no-one answered. Hopefully this might fare better

How do I create a subscription for ANY change on contact? Surely not by creating multiple subscriptions for every possible property?



Hi @bfg,

The Webhooks API currently only has subscription types for contact creation / deletion / property changes. It's not possible to subscribe to every change to a contact record. You're correct that the closest approximation would be to create a subscription for updates to all contact properties.

That said, this is overkill for almost all use cases. In general, you'd instead subscribe to changes to specific contact properties that you need to keep updated in your external system. Is there a particular use case you're trying to solve for that necessitates a webhook for any contact update?


Thanks for your reply,

My customer wants a reporting database using their Hubspot data. I was planning on using the webhooks to update their reporting database with the latest data every time it changed in Hubspot.

I can of course pull the data when I want using the API but it would have been cleaner to push it and have it ready and up to date at all times.

Let me know if you have any suggestions



I guess the best "automatic" workaround would be to:

  1. get all contact properties through the get all properties API end point
  2. Subscribe each property change through the app webhook API.


Hi all,

I'll try to address your posts individually:

@Fnayou There are certain contact properties that you cannot subscribe to (detailed on the Webhook API overview page) but other than that, this would allow you to receive notifications for almost every contact update.

@bfg Depending on the data displayed on this dashboard, you might consider using the Analytics API instead: