Webhook for events such as email, call



I’m hoping to subscribe to events such as emails/calls sent. Is the only way currently to poll the API to find these events when a new one is created, or can we subscribe to these events via a webhook? I was looking through the properties on the contacts, but nothing stuck out as working for this.


@Alex_Yurkowski At the moment our wenhooks only send out for Contacts/Companies/Deals. You would have to pull from the Engagement API and look for new calls/sales emails.


@pmanca My HAPI key doesn’t seem to have access permissions, yet I can log the calls with the same account in the UI. What kind of user do I need to have the HAPI key for in order to hit this endpoint?


@Alex_Yurkowski There is no user tied to a Hapikey as the key is portal wide. Are you sure you have the hapikey to the same portal you are using in the UI? Is it a dev portal? Can you show me the error please.


{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This hapikey () does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [contacts-read])”,“correlationId”:"",“requestId”:""}

The Hapikey is from a dev portal account made from that user.


@Alex_Yurkowski A dev portal wouldn’t have those features. You would need to use an API key for a regular portal. You can always spin up a test portal through your dev portal.


Agh, got the correct API key and we’re good. Thanks.