Webhook intermittent not firing



Hoping someone can help on this one, I have a webhook setup for two contact properties, hubspot_owner_id and firstname. They are generally working pretty well, except;

For hubspot_owner_id it seems like sometimes updating the hubspot owner id does not fire the webhook. An example is, for this contact;
We can see in the hubspot_owner_id property history that it was changed on 3/4/2018 at 9:58 PM GMT

However in the WebHook logging;

There is NO ENTRY for around that time for this change (i.e. no success entry and no failure entry either).

Any help much appreciated!


Hi @josh,

I'm actually seeing a successful log message for that contact (objectId: 82751) for that timeframe; does the event with Event ID 204616774 correspond to that change?


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,

Thanks so much for tracking that down for me, looks like I missed that the times on my contact fields are in GMT and the ones on the Webhook logging are in EST so I was looking for the event in the log at the wrong time.

I am still seeing an intermittent problem in my systems with this field being updated but now that we have the WebHook log it points to a problem on my end rather than on your end.

The investigation continues!

Many thanks again!