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we try to use webhooks to send data our customers filled out in a form to another tool. I tried to find the following answers in the help and in this forum but failed, maybe I’m using the wrong terms (in which I’d be glad if you can correct me if you can):

  1. How can I control what fields are get into the JSON sent via the webhook post?
  2. Do I need to configure to get the ID of the contact who filled out the form to trigger the webhook, as part of the JSON data?

Not related to the webhook directly but part of the automation project we’re working on we need to
3. send a REST call to Hubspot to fire email template 12345 to contact ID 67890. I assume this is what would be called a “transactional email” but here https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/email/transactional_email I find only the documentation for the Single-send API which doesn’t seem the right one in this caase. Do I look for the wrong API or is there documentation somewhere else?

Thanks you very much in advance.



Hi @11bar,

  1. It’s not possible to control the fields that are sent by workflow webhook actions. These actions always send the full contact JSON, an example of which you can see below.
  2. The contact’s id (or vid) will always be included in the webhook JSON
  3. You’re correct that you’d need to use the Single Send API. The Single Send API is used when the email is created/managed in HubSpot, but the send is triggered by an external system.


Thanks Derek

This answers all my questions of the ticket, thanks!

One follow up though, is the Single Send API the same as the Transactional API? The latter one I didn’t find doc for but according to this article it exists:

Jamey contacted our HubSpot Account Manager to verify we have what we need.



Hi @11bar,

The terms are very connected. You can consider the ‘transactional email API’ to refer to both the SMTP API and the Single Send API. Both APIs require the transactional email add on to be used, though; you can find the details for that here:


Hope till now you get the solution for Informatica read rest API

I am experienced with Json Data. If any one has query then please ask.