Webhook JSON - Understanding & Extracting Data



We are working w/ a client to have specific actions taken when one of their HubSpot forms is submitted.

They have placed a call to our webhook on their workflow for 2 forms.

Currently we are just capturing the json sent - but we’re having difficulty determining how to best extract data.

Under Properities we see firstname, lastname, phone, email, company - which all seem to correspond to the CONTACT in HubSpot.

What we’re trying to determine is:

Where do we see the Form submission EVENT that triggered the webhook? I see a log of past submissions - but I’m trying to determine which form triggered the specific JSON being viewed.

And once we know that - how do we get the content of the form in question?

I’ve looked for documentation - but haven’t found anything this specific. Thanks.


I used PHP to pull my data out, but it needed to be placed in a file before I could pull out specific data (not sure why).

// taking data from HubSpot's webhook **************************************
$hookData = file_get_contents("php://input");

// write to file for data comparision 
$file = fopen('datadumpfromHub.json','w') or die("Unable to open file!");
fwrite($file, $hookData);

// Decode JSON ********************
// convert json data into array
$json = file_get_contents('datadumpfromHub.json');
$json = json_decode($json, true);

//get lastname, firstname, email from array
$lastname = $json['properties']['lastname']['value'];
$firstname =  $json['properties']['firstname']['value'];
$email = $json['properties']['email']['value'];
$vid = $json['vid']; // vid; contact specific identifier


thank you. I have resolved (in my head) the fields from the form - they are in properties (I was looking at a webhook submission from a form w/ only a few fields - so I confused myself.)

So I THINK that is fixed. However I’m still having trouble extracting the name/id/etc of the FORM that triggered the webhook - where is it?