Webhook not dumping data to URL


I have setup a webhook on deal.propertychange via UI. Everything is setup well but the webhook do not post data to requestbin url on dealstage property change. When I enter the Url to test subscription it says success, the webhook was sent and in the requestbin log it shows the test json data as expected. The problem comes when I change a deal property in my portal no data is posted to the Url, when I check in the webhook logging section it shows error code 404.
One strange thing that I have noticed is ,when I change a dealstage property it shows multiple entries for that in the webhook logging. How can I post data to my Url on property change? Thanks.


Hey Parag,

I’m new to setting up webhooks with Hubspot and am having my own difficulties! When you go to WEBHOOK SUBSCRIPTIONS are you seeing any EVENTS or does it show 0 as in the screenshot below?

Just thinking it could be that you haven’t completed authorization properly if it’s showing 0


Thanks for the reply.
My issue is been resolved now, I was posting data to a URL which was deactivated hence i was getting error 404. Not getting 0, it was showing something like Events = 10 ,Errors = 10.


Are only HTTPS URLs supported by Hubspot to post the webhook payload? Because I am trying to post data to a HTTP URL but it says “Something’s not quite right.Are you sure this is the correct URL?”.


I’m not 100% sure. In all the documentation I read it seems to only mention https - so it’s likely that https is required for the endpoints. Hopefully one of the Hubspot people can reply to confirm… but it may take a few days for them to get around to that I’m afraid :sleeping:


Yes exactly, I too have not found anything in their documentation talking about the nature of endpoints. But https works for me while http doesn’t, so it would be pretty safe to say that only https is supported, however a clarification on this from hubspot would be good, and even better if the reply comes in a little lesser than a few days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: