Webhook Not Posting Data


I am trying to POST to a URL using the webhook functionality. I use the POST URL on our Unbounce forms and they work perfectly. The POST to URL in webhooks doesn’t work at all in HubSpot.

I spoke to a support rep on the phone earlier to make sure the form and webhook were configured properly. I also went over everything with our own internal developer. According to both everything is set up fine.

Looking at the test data from POST test with Hubspot, the POST URL as it is set up is not going to work with our end point. Hubspot is sending data in Application/json format. Our endpoint expects application/x-www-form-urlencoded format. Is there a setting that we can use to change the post format?


Hi @jbensous

Our webhooks can only send JSON formatted data. If the endpoint you’re working with can only accept form encoded data, you’d need a system in between HubSpot and that endpoint that could accept the JSON data from HubSpot, convert that to the form encoded data the other system would accept, and then send that form encoded data to the other endpoint.