Webhook not sending data


I set up the webhook to send data whenever a deal's dealstage property changes using deal.propertyChange for Subscription Types. It works when I pull data manually from Zapier to a google spreadsheet, but doesn't send on its own.

Developer portal ID: 4667411

Webhook link:https://app.hubspot.com/developer/4667411/application/176652/webhooks


Hi @ainsley,

This might sound like a basic question, but is your app installed in a Marketing/CRM portal that has activity for the subscription you're referring to? If so, could you reach back out with a link to that portal so that I can do some testing?


Sorry - thought I already shared this: https://app.hubspot.com/reports-dashboard/2974240


Hi @ainsley,

When I jump into that portal, I'm not seeing your app ('Deal status change') under your installed integrations:

You'll need to complete the OAuth installation process in order for your portal to begin sending webhook notifications; I've included docs for the installation and the technical details of the OAuth process below: