Webhook not working (Hubspot is receiver)



Hi Hubspot,

I’ve entered this URL in a webhook service of a different database (CATSone):
https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/contact/?hapikey={our key}

Yet when I test it it won’t return data if I trigger the action. I’ve tried the same with Zapier, which returns the results I want (http://i.imgur.com/ulhyWrl.png)

Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? We’re trying to achieve a situation where someone is created in CATSone, and automatically in Hubspot too.

Kind Regards,


@Yannick_Nierop Can you share your full post call please? What is the body of your post?



This is my first time working with post calls, do the below screenshots provide the information you requested?


@Yannick_Nierop In the first image are you trying to have HubSpot send a webhook to itself? In the second photo I wasn’t able to see the actual body of the post call. I want to make sure you have formatted the body correctly so HubSpot can read it properly. Here are the docs for the example of the body.


Hi Peter,

It doesn’t work unfortunately, I think i’m doing something wrong. You can find the UI of CATS in which I would enter the Hubspot URL (?) below here with all the options:

Would the API documentation of CATS help you?

Again, this is my first time working with webhooks, so I’m not the most fluent in using it safe to say :wink:

Thanks for you help!

Kind regards,
Yannick Nierp


@Yannick_Nierop You most likely can’t just send a webhook to HubSpot as the data won’t be formatted properly. Which is why I was asking to see the body of the webhook to verify that. You will need a proxy server to catch the webhook and format the JSON in a way HubSpot can read it and then hit our APIs with the correctly formatted code.


Hi Peter,

Does this help? http://i.imgur.com/cBW92DT.png


Yes it does, thanks. That body isn’t formatted correctly and needs to appear as in this link.