Webhook Performance Issues


Have a webhook that is watching for deal property changes then pushing those selected deals to a web service. Recently have found that the webhook pushes are being delayed/missed. Happy to respond via private message with some specific ids.

I first noticed this issue about 6 months back and it seemed like it was resolved shortly after, not sure if this is a regression or something new.


Just to add a bit more information, also seeing the same behavior with a webhook watching for property changes, had a 40 minute delay between change in the hubspot system to eventually pushing off webhook


@Blaine_Train is this in regards to just one app of yours? Have you isolated this to just deal properties or are you experiencing this issue with other object properties as well? Do you get any sort of errors on the missed webhooks or do they just never happen at all?


Also experiencing it with a contact watching webhook.

Same general story, the time stamp for the property change says X in the hubspot ui looking at the hisotrical values of a property, but matching them up in the webhook monitoring need to find X + 2 - 40 minutes. This used to operate in seconds


@Blaine_Train Is the unit tied to both your ‘2’ and ‘40’ both minutes or is ‘2’ hours? I will reach out to our engineering team and see if they have any known issues with missing web hooks.


I just came across this. We had a problem recently with webhooks. Do your issues fall into the timeline of our reported issues?



That is the timeframe, I will keep an eye on the logs to double check it’s resolved.

thanks for the update


no problem, please let me know if you see any issues down the road.