Webhook Request Simultaneously Executed


I have a Webhook attached to add contacts, with property changes for form submissions and phone.
It happens el lot that, for example, there's a trigger for the form submission, and that submission changes the phoen too, so both protery changes occurs almost at the same time, sending both request at almost the same time.
The problem is that, the subscribed part receives this and sometimes duplicates the information, since it occurs wihitin miliseconds of difference.
I saw that you can configure simultaneus requests, but the minimun is 5, so that's not an option.


Hi @dquagliano,

Could you clarify your goal?

The behavior you have described is normal if you have opted to subscribe to receive notifications when a contact is created and when a contact's phone number property change. If a creation event also updates the phone number, then you should receive two different notifications, as your screenshot shows.

Similarly, this documentation notes:


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,
I'm aware that this is how it's expected to work, that's why I was asking for any possible workaround.
I wasn't aware about that documentation text, so I guess that lowers the possibilities to have a workaround.

More clarification about the goal:
The subscriber receives both request simultaneously, and I don't have much control over that endpoint, so sometimes it will duplicate data on the other end, since both request will be generating it at the same moment, the validation of duplicate data won't trigger.


Thank you for clarifying, @dquagliano. I haven't found any workarounds on our end, though.

For context, this similar topic covers notification uniqueness in a bit more detail. As Derek notes, HubSpot considers notifications with identical eventId and subscriptionid values duplicates.