Webhook still retries even if the first call to our URI is successful



Hi Guys,

We created a webhook subscription that is triggered whenever there’s a property change in the company. We noticed in the Webhook Logging of our Hubspot App that even if the first call to our URI is successful, it still retries to call our URI, causing us to have multiple service transactions. There are times that the webhook still calls our URI after 4 hours. Is it normal? Have you experienced this issue?
How do you handle this?



Hi @sonnyjordan

Are you seeing multiple requests with the same eventId, even after returning a 2xx response? If that’s the case, can you send me your App ID and an eventId that you saw this with?

Retries will occur with an exponential backoff, starting with 2 minutes, so the last few attempts could have an hour or more between them.