Webhook Subscription Not Being Triggered




I have set up a webhook subscription for when a contact is created and I have activated and tested the subscription against my webhook URL.

I’ve set the correct URL in the primary Webhook setting under ‘Configure’.

Now, when I use an embedded form on the staging site and submit it, the new contact is created in the test portal, but no webhook events are triggered and no requests/attempts hit my server for processing.

Can anyone help out here? Thanks.


@garethdaine did you install the app(hubspot app) into the test portal via OAuth?


@pmanca I’m not currently using OAuth. Any API calls I need to make I use the API key and a custom fork of this PHP package https://github.com/ryanwinchester/hubspot-php

Is it required that I make an OAuth call with an admin user from my staging server before I can use Webhooks?


@garethdaine Your test portal and your dev portal where the app lives are two different portals. One dev portal could have apps that are installed in more than one test portal or live portals. You need to install the app that you created into the test portal and that has to be done via OAuth. Once the app is installed you can continue to use the API key. Let me know if you have any questions on this. There are a couple other forum posts on how to do this.


@pmanca OK. So, is it possible to restrict OAuth access/installs to a specific account and not have this application open to the public?

Alternatively, other than webhooks, is it possible to pass data from HubSpot to my application for updating an external (custom) CRM?



@garethdaine Only users to the dev portal have the client id and secret to install it anywhere. So yes it is possible to restrict it to the open public.

The inverse of having HubSpot notify you when data is ready to be passed is for you to write a script that polls HubSpot and grabs what you are looking for and then pass that to your external CRM.


OK, that may be a solution, as we’re going to be implementing that polling functionality anyway via cronjob nightly.

Thanks for the information.


no problem. let me know if you run into any issue going forward or with the installation of the app.


Hi. I’m trying add a private application from my developer portal into the test portal using the oauth. this all works (apparently), the requetsbin gets the code: c7c4eb74-7e86-4e06-b341-5944d6472368 so the registration looks like its worked.

The application has basic webhook subscriptions for contacts (create, delete). But the webhooks don’t fire and aren’t logged in development portal. I don’t know how to debug.

dev portal : 4132642

markting portal : 4132745

oauth url : https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=c4848de9-93ae-4eeb-95cd-27c5e7691a3f&scope=contacts%20oauth&redirect_uri=https://requestb.in/1g92qk11

can you let me know what i am doing wrong please ?



@danjus10 Do you see the app in the integrations part of your test portal? That way we can see if it is properly installed or not.


Hi, no not visible. i read that you don’t see private apps in the integrations…so assumed that was ok.

So looks like it hasn’t registered properly…

I click on the link in post (Select the marketing portal) and then i get redirected to :


which to my eye looks like it works…but no integrations listed when i access the marketing site.

n.b. I also setup the endpoint and ran the test webhook function and these are seen in the request bin.


@danjus10 After you get the code you need to make the next call in the OAuth flow.

You take the code along with your app id/secret and finalize the installation of your app.