Webhook Subscription Test 403


Hello! I've set up a webhoook. When I test the subscription, I get a 403. The same request works when I use Postman. I'm not yet performing a security check against the X-HubSpot-Signature header, so the endpoint should be wide open.

I saw another topic (Webhook test returning 500 Error) where it was suggested that HubSpot webhooks may have problems with wildcard certificates (which we are using)--is that a problem?


Welcome, @ac_andrew!

That may be the problem. Similar SSL-related errors with CRM Extensions were also recently discussed in this topic.

Can you confirm that this is your developer account and app? I'll direct message you so that you can share the webhook URL you are testing.


Thanks so much @Isaac_Takushi

And thanks for link. Yes, that is my app.

Edit: I ran our domain through the utility at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html but did not see the errors discussed in the other thread.


Thanks for this information, @ac_andrew; I've shared it with the team.

We'll investigate further! I appreciate your continued patience.


Hey, @ac_andrew.

One of our engineering team leads investigated your issue for a while this afternoon, but couldn't identify the cause.

We've verified the request itself is correct and have tested it successfully locally, with cURL, and via Postman. It always returns a 204, however when sent through HubSpot, the response is a 403.

At this point, we unfortunately can't answer the question as to why your service is rejecting HubSpot's HTTP request and returning a 403. Sorry we couldn't be of more help in this matter.


Hello again, @Isaac_Takushi! Sorry for the delay in my response. Thanks so much for looking in to the issue.