Webhook test subscription say "This isn't a valid webhook URL"



When I try to add the following URL - https://a3qpk2s4o7.execute-api.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/prod/trigger to webhook test subscription it says - “This isn’t a valid webhook URL”.
I wanted to know why it says this and what kind of endpoints are required by Hubspot to post the payload. Other URLs that I test returns success but for some reason this particular URL fails. Thanks.
P.S. - This URL triggers a AWS lambda function.


@Parag_Kadam I’m not totally up to date on AWS lamba trigger URLs but can that endpoint handle a normal web request(?) or does it just fire the lambda function when any authenticated HTTP GET request is made to that URL?


Thanks for the reply, the given URL was not working before but it works fine now for some reason. Even when the URL was not working with hubspot yet it did fire the lambda function when a http request was made.


@Parag_Kadam I’m glad it is working now. Let me know if it doesn’t again or if you find a pattern as to when it is and isn’t.


@pmanca Yes sure. Thanks.