Webhook through App not firing



I am trying to install a new App to utilize webhooks when certain contact properties change. I want this app to be private as it's only for a single client, so I've selected 'Private' in the App creation process. Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Created the App in Hubspot
  2. Created Webhook subscriptions on the App for the properties I want notified on. I've also used the Test subscription functionality to fire test calls to my callback URL, which works.
  3. Created the install link with my App's client ID using the guide here
  4. Used the install link and selected my test Hubspot account.
  5. Updated contact information but the webhook is not firing.

On my test account if I go under "Integrations" there are 0 apps installed. On the App page it says there are 0 installs.

Any advice?



Hi @nathanonlineus,

Can you give me a link to both the test portal in question, and your developer portal, so that I can take a closer look?


Hey Derek,

Thanks for your response! I was able to get it figured out. I didn't follow through the entire app installation guide. I needed to setup a callback URL to process the code. Once I did that the app was installed on my dashboard and everything was working normally!