Webhook to send a notification to a slack channel everytime a note is added to a deal?


Can i use webhooks to send deal activity updates notifications to a slack channel?

Has any developers attempted this with success? I would love to find out more, thank you!


Hi @Valerie_Chua,

Did you file this on behalf of a customer? Per this article, Sales Hub Enterprise allows deal-based workflows to send Slack notifications.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

Yes I did! John LaviƱa is the customer.
He has just shared that instead of using the deal-based workflows to send Slack notifications, whereby shortest cycle updates are checked is 1 day, he is only interested in real time updates that sends real time slack notifications.
Is this something we have resources to help with currently?


Hey @Valerie_Chua,

This isn't something that's possible in HubSpot out-of-the-box.

To my understanding, the customer would have to build a Slack app and could then conceivably use workflow webhooks to POST contact information to the app. (Deal workflows don't support webhooks at this time.) From there, the app would have to parse the JSON HubSpot sends over and trigger a notification that something on the contact record changed (e.g. recent_deal_close_date).