Webhook URL question



I’m trying to set up a Webhook Subscription which triggers everytime the close date of a deal changes. I want this data to be send to a Zapier webhook URL, and then Zapier puts it in an Excel sheet.

I’ve set up the webhook subscription in my Developers account. It’s configured. I’ve gone through the whole Oath2 process, and the App/integration appears in my main account’s integrations.

However, I don’t understand how this webhook subscription passes the information to the Webhook URL. Events are being fired, I can see that. But I have nowhere to put the the Webhook URL, only a Test URL… so how would the information be passed on? What am I missing?

I don’t have any developers background, so any help would be appreciated!


Nevermind! I’ve figured this part out. The information is being passed onto my Excel sheet.

Except… it’s not the right information. Everytime the close date of a deal changes, eventId, subscriptiontype, propertyname etc is being put in Excel.

But I don’t need that info… I need the actual close date and the deal name etc. in Excel. Is this even possible?


Hi @NikkiROBIN,

The following developer doc has details on what payload is sent when a webhook is triggered. It should include the property value that resulted in the change and the objectId. It’s not possible to send along the deal name, though; you’ll have to use the objectId to tie the webhook back to the deal.


Hi Derek, thank you for your reply!

I have read that article. Am I to understand you can’t change the payload, right?

I did notice the payload had an Objectid, which would be great to tie it back to the deal. Unfortunately… the objectid of the payload sent is always 123. For some reason. The other information is correct but the objectid is always 123… any idea why?


Well, figured that out. Objectid is now the right Dealid everytime.

However, how could I tie this back to the Deal? I’m using a Zap, which gets the data from the webhook url and puts in a an Excel sheet. But how would I be able to tell Zapier to find the deal with only the Dealid? It needs a Deal Name to search for a deal… Help would be appreciated!


Hi @NikkiROBIN,

It doesn’t appear to be possible to search for a deal by dealId using Zapier. Instead, you’ll need to make a request to the Deals API: