Webhooks are fired manually based on the Subscriptions


Hi Hubspotian's

i set up the webhooks for the application .manually i able to triggered the webhooks and got the response
like "eventId": "1",
"subscriptionId": "25926",
"portalId": "ggggg",
"occurredAt": "1533124433823",
"subscriptionType": "deal.propertyChange",
"attemptNumber": "0",
"objectId": "123",
"changeSource": "CRM",
"propertyName": "Region",
"propertyValue": "sample-value",
"appId": "ggggg"

But Automatically webhooks are not fired ,like deal creation ,updation,contact creation,updation


Hi @venu.k,

Couple things:

  1. Did you fully install your app to the test portal in question?
  2. Are the subscriptions you're referring to active?
  3. Is your webhook URL correct?

To dig in further, can you give me the Hub ID of your test portal and developer portal?