Webhooks are not fired in order



I have a web hook for a custom property (a drop down list).
The web hook works fine, until I make “fast” changes on HubSpot UI.
For example, if I set it to be ‘A’ and than I after a second I change it to be ‘B’ the web hook for ‘B’ will be fired before the web hook for ‘A’.

This is a problem because:

  1. I update my own data ( assuming that the data from HubSpot is up-to-date ) but in this case it is not.
  2. These “fast” changes tend to happen - for example, when a user set a property by mistake, and than he fixes it.

Is this a known issue?, Are you going to solve this?


Hi @itai,

With regard to order, we do not guarantee that you get these notifications in the order they occurred. The occurredAt property should be used for each notification to determine when the notification occurred.