Webhooks subscriptions with oauth2 token



I am writing an integration app that will span multiple clients/final applications, so to setup webhooks I’m planning to use webhook subscriptions.

That looks well until I try to call
curl -v “https://api.hubapi.com/webhooks/v1/{{appId}}/subscriptions” -H “Authorization: Bearer {{valid access_token}}”

The reply is:
{"status":"error","message":"This oauth-token ({{valid access_token}}) does not have proper permissions! (cannot access an unscoped endpoint)","correlationId":"5edeee90-a0a1-404c-8d7d-20aecf6b02a2","requestId":"6979ac21-6f70-43ad-84d7-0aac86cd8c4d"}

The integration app only requests “contacts” scope in oauth2, and Contacts API works correctly, but I have no idea which scope Webhooks fall under, if any.


Hi @colthreepv

Webhooks are created as part of your app, so the subscriptions get set up as part of the app settings, not for individual portals. You’d need to use your Developer HAPIkey when making any requests to the Webhooks API.