Website Form Generating Incorrect Lifecycle Stage


Hi, we have a form on our website generating contacts that we'd like to have listed as Subscribers. The new contacts are being generated but unfortunately shortly after they are being upgraded from Subscriber to Lead. Any assistance on rectifying this form issue would be appreciated.


Hi @Elliot_Woods,

I'm happy to help, but I do want to let you know that general questions like this are best directed to HubSpot support. Support specialists have more contextual information that we do here, so they can begin troubleshooting immediately and generally respond more quickly.

That said, could you share links to a few example contacts which changed from "Subscriber" to "Lead"? From your description, it sounds like there may be a workflow in play.


Thanks Isaac,
Support was my first port of call and I have now been referred to Developers.

Example links would include
The form itself is!
An image of our website form is below


Ah, thanks for clarifying, @Elliot_Woods! For future reference, if you include the support ticket ID (2034745), we can pick up where the support specialist left off much more quickly.

The hidden form fields you've defined here in the tool have no bearing on what is actually sent through the Forms API. Instead, you can submit whatever fields and values you want through the API. For instance, I could use the API to submit values for fields that aren't even included in the form and it would still go through.

To this end, make sure you're including lifecyclestage=subscriber in your calls.


Hi Isaac, Thanks for the info.

I now understand that I need to modify the form/API on our website but do not know how I can access this to change given I have limited fields for which to enter this required detail (lifecyclestage=subscriber). See attached image of fields in my website control panel form workflow.

Secondly, I did not understand you reference of 'your calls'.


Hi @Elliot_Woods,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Are you using a third-party application to connect your forms to HubSpot or is that a screenshot of your own custom application?

I was under the assumption that your organization had built out an integration/application which you had full control over. If this were the case, then you could add the lifecyclestage=subscriber values directly into your calls (also known as requests), which is how an application sends data into HubSpot via the Forms API.

If you're using a third-party application to build out forms and the application is handling the API requests (as opposed to you coding the Forms API calls yourselves), then you may not have the ability to edit the code in the manner I described. Instead, the application likely has some way to accomplish this in the UI. I can't advise on the best path forward until I know whether you're using a custom or third-party application, though.


Hi Isaac,

This is the user access of our company website afforded to me by our developer.

Should I pass this directly to them to implement into the code?


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Hi @Elliot_Woods,

Yes, I would recommend sharing this conversation with your developer. If they built the API connection with HubSpot, they should also be able to add and edit the fields which are submitted as needed.

If they have follow-up questions, feel free to have them ask here.