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Hi all.

I’m creating a content block module that holds content in columns. Within each column, there is a flexible container to give our content editors the freedom to add further modules within each of the content block’s columns.

However, my issue is that I’m unable to order or name the flexible containers within the custom content block module. Here’s a snippet of the code:

{% if widget.columns == 1 %}
   <div class="span12">
      {% widget_container "column_1" %}
      {% end_widget_container %}

And here’s the result:

Ugly, right?
Anyone know what I can do to give the flexible containers correctly named and hierarchical?



  1. You can name widget containers using the “label”
{% widget_container "my_flexible_column" label="Custom Widget Box" %}
    {% rich_text "my_rich_text" %}
    {% rich_text "second_rich_text" %}
{% end_widget_container %}
  1. There is something strange happening with the order of the modules appearing in the sidebar. About 6 months ago I had a private email thread with David Hunt about this. He brought it up to the dev team and the might be working on a solution for this. I requested the ability to manually set an “order” property on the modules themselves… that would be super helpful. I have not gotten any updates on this feature.