Welcome to the new forums!


Hello all,

Welcome to our new Developer Forums! After 6 years of using a Google Group to provide support for our APIs, we’re moving to a new Discourse based solution.

We’ll be using this thread as a place to ask questions about the transition, so if you do have any questions or comments, please post them here!

Will we need to create a new acocunt for the new forum?
We won’t be migrating users from the group, but you can use an existing Google account to create a user, so you can use the same Google account you were using with the group. In addition, we also support Github login, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

What’s happening to the old forum?
We’ll be leaving it open for a few days to help with the transition. After that, we’ll be locking the group in archive mode. The existing posts will still be there, but no new posts will be allowed. Due to this, we won’t be migrating posts to the new forums.

If you have any other questions please let us know.




I’m finding that the “old” forums are no longer available because they are redirecting.

eg: http://developer.hubspot.com/forum isn’t visible (?). Is there an alternative URL for the previous forum?


Chuck Wyatt


@Chuck_Wyatt the old group can still be reached by going directly to the group: