What are Activities, and how can I extract them with the API?


Hello. I recently made an Excel application that used the API to extract Deals and Companies data from Hubspot to an Excel file. Now I've been asked to do one that would extract the Activity logs for Contacts.

I see that the Engagements API can get Notes, Emails, Tasks, Meetings and Calls. In the Contacts web page there's a separate tab for Activities. But there's no mention of Activities in the API, as far as I can see. Is "Activities" just a collective name for Notes, Emails, Tasks, Meetings and Calls? Probably not. Looking at my client's Activity tabs, they seem to contain items that aren't in any of those other tabs. If so, would I be right in thinking that these can't be accessed using the API?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.



For the sake of clarity, I'll add some extra info.

I'm looking at a particular Contact page in the Hubspot website. I can see tabs for Activity, Notes, Emails, Calls and Tasks. Notes, Calls and Tasks are empty, and there's just one email under Emails.

Under Activity, I can see the same email. I can also see various other events, including one telling me when the contact opened the email.

I would like to be able to get these other events from the API. Is that possible?

From the following forum thread it looks like the answer is No:

But I'd like to check, as I don't want to tell my client that it's not possible without being absolutely sure!



@Richard_Wein Activites are stored within our Engagement Object. They can be extracted here:

Activities are just another name for a Sales Engagement. My apologies if we have caused confusion with having two names represent the same concept.


Thanks for replying, pmanca. However the Engagement API returns no record for the event "[client name] opened email [subject line]".


@Richard_Wein If you are looking to receive specifically Marketing Email events you can use this API here.

Otherwise, you are correct at the moment the Engagements API does not return that level of granularity .