What data is available for reporting?



I’m trying to create a reporting dashboard using the Hubspot API, but I can’t find much information about pulling information out of Hubspot. Much of the API seems to be pushing information to Hubspot, such as adding or updating Contacts.

What I would like to do is pull information and import it into a dashboard. Information such as:

– Total contacts enrolled in a workflow
– Workflow goal conversion rate
– Email open and click-through rate
– Number of submissions on a form
– Form submission rate
– Views on a blog post

Is that possible with the API? Most of the information I’ve seen does not clearly indicate if that is available and I’m having a hard time finding related information in the API documentation.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @sjroda

We don’t currently have APIs to pull information from HubSpot dashboards, but some of that data can be calculated from existing APIs. You can use the Workflows API to pull the log events for a workflow, to calculate the conversion rate of a workflow. Email stats can be pulled from the Email Events API, so you can get the details for email sends and get the total sends and compare that to open events.


Thanks for the reply dadams, although I’m still a little confused. It seems that the API is setup to pull data from individual users and not Hubspot elements, like a specific workflow or email.

For example, the workflow section states, “Get a history of events for a contact in a specific workflow.”

Does that mean to get the overall goal conversion rate of the workflow, I would have to pull and parse through the JSON of every single user who completed or is part of the workflow? That seems like a rather large data pull and pretty unnecessary for a fairly simple number. Or am I missing something here?



The Workflows API can filter based on event types as well as specific contact vids. As an example, using this filter would get you all of the enrolled and completed events for a workflow, for all contacts:

  "types": [

I’ll update the wording in that doc to be more clear.