What does the body of the POST request of a Deal-based webhook looks like?


hi guys, I understand that this feature is beta... But the lack of documentation for deal-based webhooks is kinda annoying :p.
I just want to know what the JSON body the POST request of a Deal-based webhook looks like?

I understand that the "properties" property is the same as in the use case of in a client's GET request but not the dealId.

What's the name of the dealId property in that use case?



Hi @Patrick_Cyiza

Do you know Postman? It's my favourite tool for testing APIs.

You will be able to see the JSON coming back from any of the HubSpot API Calls.

Have fun


Hi @Webalite

Yes I know postman, but here it's about a webhook. With other words, it's a a request my API sent to hubspot. But, a request that my API recieve from hubspot.
Therefore, I can't test this with postman...



Good morning from New Zealand

You can see the Post body in your Developers Portal.

  1. Go to https://app.hubspot.com/developer/XXXXXXX <= your developer portal

  2. Go to the App you're working on

  3. Go to "Monitoring" (left menu)

  4. Click on the Webhooks Tab

  5. click on a Webhook Call and you will see a panel slide in from the right.

  6. in the Payload Panel you should see the Post Data

    "objectId": XXXXXXX,
    "propertyName": "lifecyclestage",
    "propertyValue": "lead",
    "changeSource": "FORM",
    "eventId": XXXXXXXXXX,
    "subscriptionId": XXXXXX,
    "portalId": XXXXXX,
    "appId": XXXXX,
    "occurredAt": 1548097600111,
    "subscriptionType": "contact.propertyChange",
    "attemptNumber": 0

Is that what you meant?



yes exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Mike,