What is eating all my daily API calls?




Yesterday (31 July 2018), my data engineer tried to update contacts via Batch. But we ran out of API calls before we could get through the first 1000. How do I check what is eating up all my daily API calls?
My Hub ID is 4032015, our timezone is GMT+8 (since daily API calls are reset at midnight our time).


Open your developer app and click "Monitoring" tab. You'll find all the logs of API calls.


Hi, thanks for trying to help. I don't have this option available because we are not using a developer test app. We are trying to update our contacts via Batch API directly on our live production database in Hubspot, where the Monitoring tab is not present. Would you know how to find what is using up the API calls in that environment?


On the advice of Pamela from Support, I'm adding a few more details:

We ran into the same issue again on Friday Aug 3. We managed to update 2 contacts before we hit the 40k limit again. Our account only has 1 integration installed: Eventbrite.

It's unlikely that anyone else on the team is intentionally using up our API calls, only our engineer is working on API and everyone else are non-programmers. I have another personal account that we used for testing, and we could update 10k contacts with no problems.

Please help, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @WesZW,

I'll direct message you with some more details.