What is the correct field for the appointment?


created webhook so it will grab customer names, phone email and appointment when it created in my calendar everything works expect the appointment data is not coming though... I use to merge the field "engagements_last_meeting_booked.value" and it's not workig . anyone knows the correct field to merge for the appointments?


Hi @Slava_Gurevich,

That property is the date of the last meeting booked with the contact through a meetings link. If the meeting isn't being booked using the meetings tool, it won't be populated. If the contacts should have a value for that property, can you give me an example contacts to dig into?


Hi Derek,
thank you for reply, unfortunately, it does't work. it gives me string of numbers that don't make sense. I tried to set up direct webhook as well as webhook through zapeir we are getting same results... any idea how to fix it ?
see attached screenshsot


Hi @Slava_Gurevich,

Dates in HubSpot are stored as unix timestamps; the timestamp in that zap (1526343951827) corresponds to Tue May 15 2018 00:25:51 UTC. I'm not entirely sure what you're doing with the value, but the conversion to a human readable date should be fairly straightforward.


Zappier doesn't know this nor any other programs why not to use standard date format ?


Hi @Slava_Gurevich,

Using unix timestamps to represent date/time is common practice in many programming languages and pieces of software. In app, we convert timestamps to a human-readable format for ease of use, but in results from the HubSpot API we pass along the unix timestamp since the entity receiving the response is generally another piece of software that can make use of the timestamp and/or manage the conversion to a human-readable format.

What is the eventual goal of your zap? Are you passing the values into another piece of software? Zapier provides some features to format/convert fields, and can generally handle unix timestamps. Check out their documentation: