What is the main cause of a timeout?


What is the main cause of a timeout when making a GET request?

I am trying to do an export of transactional summary data for our contacts but getting a time out retrieving contact information.

Process contact data
Retrieve vid of contact from HubSpot
Update contact properties

I am getting a timeout on the third customer when retrieving the vid for them, and then for each contact after that if I continue processing. This is very early in the process so it cannot be a volume issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?



UPDATE: If I run the “export” without actually updating the contacts’ properties, I do not get any timeouts retrieving the vids. Something on the profile update causes the timeout. I’d have thought once I receive the 204 response, I am free to process the next contact.


Hi @Paul

There shouldn’t be any problems with updating records in between pulling another contact. Are you getting any response at all from HubSpot (such as a 502 or 504 error)? Are there any other details you can tell me about the requests you’re making (including any headers that might be set)?


Hi @dadams,

There aren’t any errors on the update. The GET contact times out, with or without specifying the timeout value. The only other header that is set is Content-Type which has a value of “application/json”. There is no indication of any error on the GET.

It seems to be consistent. GET, POST, GET, POST, GET (timeout), GET (timeout)… ad infinitum.



@Paul I’ll need some more details for this, I’ll reach out to you directly.


@dadams OK, look forward to it.


After doing some look up, discovered that .NET restricts the maximum number of simultaneous connections to two. I changed my config file to allow three simultaneous connections and the first three contacts were updated. Why my application is not using the same connection for the GETs is my issue that needs to be addressed by me. :slight_smile:

This is not a HubSpot issue.