What is the right way to get contacts with ALL properties included?


Right now I have to make two requests with property=name1&property=name2 etc, because HubSpot will return a server error for a url over 9000 characters long or something around 9000.

Is this correct way of doing it? I mean, I need to write “&property=prop_name” for each property name, right?

And in docs it’s a little bit confusing and led me to believe that I will get all properties by default if I don’t include property parameter at all.


Hi @Alexei_Vasilkov

How many properties are you trying to pull? We normally recommend only pulling the specific properties being used in the integration, but you are correct in that you would need to specify each property individually in the request URL.

I made some updates to the documenation to try and make that more clear.


Thank you. I wanted to get all properties. But that’s alright. Just wanted to make sure I’m doing it as intended. Thank you for editing the docs.

And since you can edit them, could you correct this thing as well please?

This parameter lets you specify the amount of deals to return in your API call. The default for this parameter (if it isn’t specified) is 20 deals. The maximum amount of deals you can have returned to you via this parameter is 500.
Even when I specify 500 I get 100 max.