What is the use of a DateTime property?



I’m looking at a way to TimeStamp certain events and export that data through lists and other datawarehouse tools. Some of these moments are done through API, so we can send an actual UNIX timestamp, others are set through a workflow. Based on these criteria and my experience in the past few days I have a few questions which the HubSpot support team could not answer, he redirected me to this platform! So here we go:

  • What is the point of a DateTime property? How is it any different from a regular text property? It shows up exactly the same in the UI when I create one
  • Is there a way to timestamp in seconds through workflows by using a DateTime property in the set date field?
  • Can I use the DateTime timestamp in a workflow to trigger something on, or does that have to be a date field?

Bascially, what I came to believe, is that datetime fields are basically useless in the HubSpot UI itself, and are only useful if I export them again and use an API to extract them. In which case, I could also just use a text field, am I right?

I’d love to get some clarification on this topic and get my questions answered!

Thanks in advance and cheers,




Disclaimer: I answered all of these referring to DateTIme as our Date Picker property as that is the only type of Date property we have. I’m not entirely sure what you are referring two for a DateTIme timestamp and a date field? Perhaps I’m missing something.

A DateTime field is stored as a DateTime variable and not a String on the backend. What this allows you to do know is base logic of that Date. An example could be “give me all contacts that have become a customer before June 1st, 2017”. If you had stored that in a text field this couldn’t be accomplished. By storing it as a DateTime HubSpot can now handle that logic. I hope that answers your first bullet point. As for your second bullet point, in the UI you can only set the Date and not the DateTime, setting seconds can only be done through the API. For your final bullet, yes you can use a DateTime property in a workflow to trigger something on.


I assume that the property much be created via the API and not via the UI as there is no option to set the property via the UI as a datetime, only datepicker is an option and that will set the type to date not date time.