What Webhook contact property shows an email address that has bounced and will no longer be sent emails


I have seen in the API (end point: http://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/subscriptions/) that there is a boolean field named "bounced" that indicates a hard bounce and therefore Hubspot will no longer send to that email address. I have tried to use that field name in a webhook to no avail.
I realize there are other fields such as emailsbounced etc but none of them determine that Hubspot will no longer send emails to it.

What is the field name that indicates an email address that hubspot will no longer send to. In the end Id like to use a webhook to retrieve those in order to remove them from mailing lists.


Hi @Cincom_Systems,

That field isn't a contact property in the traditional sense, and therefore isn't eligible for webhook subscriptions. There isn't any property on the contact records that directly correlates with whether or not an email has hard bounced, since that status is email address specific, not contact record specific. What you might consider doing is subscribing to the 'Emails Bounced' property (which tracks the number of times a contact has hard or soft bounced) and then check the contact's email address using the Email API:


Great idea..THANK you