What's a good way to prevent multiple form submissions from overwriting old data?



Hi. We’ve put a form in front of a document library. Users provide contact information in order to access a document and we save the form submission via API. When we send the form submission, we include the specific document requested and save it in a single line text field, document_requested.

The problem is that if a user fills out the form to access another document, the document_requested is overwritten and we no longer know about the old file in Hubspot. There doesn’t seem to be any concept in Hubspot of field history or fields that append data rather than overwriting data.

What is a good way to keep track of this data from multiple form submissions and prevent overwrites?


@michaeldhopkins There is a field history that you can check out. Here is an example.

I got here by going into a contact and then clicking View All Properties. Once you are there you can search for your document_requested properties. When your mouse hovers over the property you should see a see history button that will provide you with all the past values of that field.


Thanks - I didn’t know about that!

Can you think of any way to export that history when making a list?


@michaeldhopkins The history was designed with Auditing in mind as well as integrations with other CRMs to know who is overwriting what values and when. The best way to use it for segmentation would be to have a custom field for each document.

A different way of going about it might be a page view. After each form do you redirect them to a TY page with the download for the content? You could segment out on each page view as if they viewed the page then we can assume that they downloaded the specific document.


Thanks. That makes sense. I would love to use individual fields but there are hundreds of these docs and they change frequently. That said, I’m sure I can come up with something.

I really appreciate your insight into this!


Using the API you have access to the history of a field.