When ever a form submission happens, how do I get the form data


when form submissions happen on our website, we use our own product http://www.cDevWorkflow.com to process the form submission. currently we do this by having the hubspot form emailed to us. Would like to change our code to use the Hubspot API, is there a way to pull the latest submissions for the past hour? or can I do a subscription /webhook to notify our API whenever the form submission happens. Thanks


@Dileepa_Wijayanayake If you have the Pro or Enterprise package you could use a workflow to kick off a webhook whenever someone fills out a form and submits it for you.


@Dileepa_Wijayanayake you can do that, but the Webhook doesn’t deliver the form field values that were submitted. Moreover, the field history on the Contact only shows the fields that were modified, not all of the fields. So I don’t see a way to get the full form submission details this way. Am I missing something?