When is a form submission not a submission?


I’m using the Forms API with custom forms (i.e., I’m not using the embed code) on our website.

The submissions don’t appear on the “All forms” page on the portal but, if I click the “0” in the “Submissions” column, I see my submissions listed. Here’s what I mean:

The data uploaded from my form is being correctly captured; I can see this when I click on the individual submissions in the list above.

What am I doing wrong here? We want to see the total number of submissions on the “All forms” page.



Hi @IanMar

Usually this is caused by two things. First, submissions from filtered IPs are not counted. Second, the dashboard is updated with your sources data, which was delayed earlier today. You can find more details about the forms dashboard here:


Hi, @dadams.

Our submissions did eventually appear on the “All forms” page so we were probably looking during the delay you mention.