Where can I find all Workflow API v3 logevents types


Just shortly before I post here I actually found a solution for my original question, but I think it is still good to ask for extra information.

I was using the Workflow API trying to get all the history of a contact against a certain workflow. I got up to a point trying to filter contact by the type of event they had in a workflow and want to get a list of all the possible types. It turns out that I cannot even find a list of popular ‘types’. The document is pretty bare bone which I cannot get much out of it.

I collected a list of types from the outputs I got and composed a (possibly) small list of type below:


While I don’t have the urge to use this anymore as I have found a better solution, I still want to know what’s available if I was to use that.

Can someone please share their list? so when people needed it could be benefit from this.



HI @phena109,

There isn’t currently a public, exhaustive list of workflow log events. These events are primarily for internal use, and the list changes frequently with updates to the product. They’re also usually fairly self explanatory, so we haven’t seen the benefit of documenting them. I can understand the use case behind creating a list of common log event types, however. I’ll touch base with the team and work on putting together something for the docs.