Which API do I use?


We have mutual customers (publishers) who want us to send transaction data to HubSpot in real time. We see 40 different API set ups and would like to set up one consistent API across all customers. The API should include all transaction data types that could take place - new orders, renewals and customer service transactions (change of email, change of physical address, cancels, opt-outs, etc...)
Which API configuration accommodates all of these fields?


Hi @gbb2009,

I'm not entirely clear on the question. There isn't a single endpoint or API that can accommodate all data types & objects. If you're pulling data of various types into HubSpot, you'll need to know how that data is being stored in HubSpot to know which API(s) to use. For example, it sounds like some of the examples you provided (e.g. orders, renewals) could be stored as Deals in HubSpot. For other info (e.g. customer service transactions) might fit better as Tickets or Engagements.

I'd be happy to answer specific technical questions related to any of these APIs and their use, but your best bet to figuring out which APIs are best used for which things would be to:

  1. Check out the Developer Documentation for each API. This will give you a good idea for what each API does, how it relates to the tool in app, and what API methods exist.
  2. If you would like to work with a consultant to help architect your integration, you might consider booking a block of Technical Consulting: https://www.hubspot.com/services/consulting/technical?level=0