Which api shoul i use in order to display our data into hubspot CRM?


Hey, we want to display our data into HubSpot CRM with a specific page like;

Which API Endpoint should i use for this situation _?


@Erdi_Balcioglu The integrations that display in HubSpot are featured Integrations, there isn’t an API to upload a page to show your integration.


So if I’m not a featured app, I can’t display my data into Hubspot CRM, I can only get data from hubspot API into our application dashboard.

Is it right?


@Erdi_Balcioglu You can absolutely push your information into the CRM, but you cannot have a connect page like you posted above for EventBrite


@Erdi_Balcioglu After re-reading this post, it has come to my attention that you might be looking for the Timeline API. I would take a look at this and let me know if this is what you are referring too.


So if I can push information into CRM, Where can I display this information into CRM?

For ex;
I will push latest 10 comments from Smart Moderation(our app) into Hubspot CRM with HubDB API.
How HubSpot’s users can reach these latest comments on HubSpot CRM dashboard?

for ex;
Eventbrite displays latest events into HubSpot dashboard with this link;

this events will be latest comments for us.


@Erdi_Balcioglu Sorry, for the confusing. I appreciate the screen shot. There is no API to display the last comments on the integrations page like EventBrite has it for Past Events.


Okay, I got that it’is not possible for standard API but what if we defined as a featured app, will we be able to display comments like EventBrite?


@Erdi_Balcioglu I can’t promise that, I would reach out to the connect platform and you can dig in more with them. I’m not entirely sure what extra access is given to Featured Integrations


Okay, great! I would appreciate if you can direct me to the connect platform as a Featured Integration; I would like to check out all possibilities. Thanks.


You can apply here.


Thank you, We sent a request as Smart Moderation.