Which API should i use for Reporting bots/chatbox?


We have started using chatbots for a month. Currently we are facing few problems. When we are using freebots like Tawk.io. There were 2 options available

  1. Mobile App which allows us to resolve chats in real time but now we end up always going to check the desktop to reply the messages.

  2. It provides reports of how much time taken by customer service team to respond to each query.
    As there is no proper hubspot reports to really get this level of data. which reporting API we should use to identify this? And any proper documentation or how should we do it?


Hi @JK_Baseer,

Thanks for the context of your use case. Happy to offer some insight:

  1. You can now be notified of and respond to chats in HubSpot's mobile apps. Check out this article for more information.
  2. Service Hub Professional and Enterprise subscriptions allow access to reports on service team productivity, including an Average time to first agent reply metric. At this time, there is no public API for conversations data. That said, I certainly see value in your requests. I recommend leaving feedback on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum for more granular reporting and upvoting and commenting on this existing idea for a conversations API. I've already upvoted the post.


Thanks @Isaac_Takushi. Never know about the beta app. It really helpful and our team is excited to use it.

  1. Noted on the QUE about this public API. will look forward to it!