Which APIs for Reports?



I am trying to understand what API endpoints are used for to provide the same numbers for reports that we pull in the interface. The goal of this is to automate the reporting. Could the Analytics API cover off on all of these or are there other API endpoints that are needed for each?

  1. HubSpot Email - Specific Members by Date
  2. HubSpot Forms - Signups by Form by Date
  3. HubSpot Email - New Subscribers by Date
  4. HubSpot Email - All Subscribers by Date
  5. HubSpot Pages - Visits by Page by Date
  6. HubSpot Contacts - New Contacts by Date
  7. HubSpot Contacts - All Contacts by Date



Hi @swroblew,

All of the APIs you specified can be used to pull various data that goes into a given report, but the Analytics API will cover all of these use cases in a single API (instead of having to aggregate this data on your end).