Why do multiple Pipelines cause issues when syncing Deals from another CRM?


Wondering if others might be able to shed some light on the reasons why having multiple Pipelines when syncing Deals from another CRM system can lead to conflicts. We have noticed, even when customers have setup unique Deal Stages, that we often get an error message that says:

Dealstage (65aa563c-4bad-4089-80a1-5765ec833a71) must exist within specified pipeline (default)

I know that HubSpot's own native Salesforce integration notes that only 1 pipeline can be used within this integration so I'm assuming that this issue we are running into is similar to the one that their own native integration hits for this field.

Any help is much appreciated on ways to get around this or does a customer truly need to delete all but 1 pipeline in order for these issues to subside?


Hi @Luke_Owen,

In general, multiple pipelines are problematic because they introduce additional layers of complexity to a sync. Often, distinct pipelines have certain stages that appear identical, or are used for certain reasons that may be ambiguous. It's not impossible to create an integration that syncs HubSpot with another CRM and allows for multiple deal pipelines, it's just tricky.

Regarding the specific error you've listed; that occurs when you try to create/update a deal with a dealstage that does not exist in the pipeline you've specified. I can help you troubleshoot that specific error if you want to send me the request details, but otherwise it's likely just a matter of mixed-up pipelines.


Thanks @Derek_Gervais for the feedback. I will circle back on your offer to review the specific example where this error came up if we haven't found a workaround already.