Why is modified date returned for a newly created company?


Hi Team,

3 questions about modifying/creating companies.

I have created a company in my HubSpot test environment (completely new company). I then call RecentlyCreatedCompanies API. The company is returned correctly, however, it comes with a property hs_lastmodifieddate value.

  1. Why would there be a last modified date on a company just created? If there should be, I would at least expect it to be the same value as the createdate property?

  2. Why would a company I have just created return on the call for GetRecentlyModifiedCompanies, when I haven't modified anything about the new company created?

Really appreciate it.



Hi @rainsfordt,

Technically, when a company record is created the properties are 'modified' in that they're updated from not having a value to having a value. The hs_last_modified_date doesn't differentiate between property changes that occur due to creation vs. those that occur due to other processes. This is the same reason that the company will appear in the results of the 'Get Recently Modified Companies' endpoint.